5 to See: This Weekend

From innovative 21st century software to pioneering post-war photography, shows opening at the end of October hold up a mirror to society.

5 to See: The Aesthetica Art Prize

How has the digital revolution impacted daily life? The Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition, currently on display at York Art Gallery, explores this.

Unseen Connections

Laurent Grasso’s work explores sacred spaces, mythologies and scientific theories through video, sculpture, painting and installation.

Critical Reflections

Aesthetica Art Prize alumnus Alinka Echeverria combines a background in anthropology with a critical, responsive approach to image-making.

The Aesthetica Art Prize: Judges Announced

We are delighted to announce the judging panel for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2019, comprising influential art figures across a range of media.

Artists’ Film Screenings

The domestic landscape holds complex emotions at its core. Works from the Aesthetica Art Prize’s longlist of Artists’ Films explore these feelings.

Unseen Environments

Anthropocene at Art Gallery of Ontario brings together science and art, unearthing the scale of industrial activity on the planet.

The Jarman Award Shortlist

The shortlist for the 2018  Jarman Award is announced. This year’s selection includes Aesthetica Art Prize artist Jasmina Cibic.

Artists’ Film Screenings

Future Now: The 2018 Shortlist investigates ideas of identity through work by three shortlisted moving-image makers. 

Influential Messages

Art Basel’s photography selection includes key voices, raising awareness of ongoing social, political and ecological questions.

Aesthetica Issue 83 Available Now

The June / July edition of Aesthetica is available now. Issue 83, A New Way of Seeing, considers the intersection between the created and the real.

A Cinematic Showcase

Video content is integrated into our culture. Aesthetica’s Artists’ Film Screenings offer a platform innovative and thought-provoking work.

Rethinking Tradition

Asking the question: Beautiful world, where are you?, Liverpool Biennial 2018 surveys the current social, political and environmental landscape.

Cultural Exploration

A new piece by artist and filmmaker Kahlil Joseph, Fly Paper, opens The Stores’ new exhibition studios in Berlin.

The Power of Moving Image

Ahead of a panel discussion at Future Now, Jasmina Cibic explores how artists’ film is establishing itself as a standalone genre that reflects social attitudes.

Media Fragmentation

Shortlisted artist Electra Lyhne-Gold questions the wider impact of advertising by fragmenting the language of publicity.

Exploring Anonymity

As part of the 2018 Aesthetica Art Prize shortlist, Kenji Ouellet’s I Am One offers new perspectives on individuality and uniqueness in the wider city.

Expansive Ideas

Bridging the boundaries between art, culture and philosophy, HowTheLightGetsIn Festival makes sense of the world through a diverse progamme.

Retold Narratives

The Whitworth showcases its latest major moving image acquisition – Isaac Julien’s Ten Thousand Waves.

Human Intervention

John Akomfrah’s environmentally conscious video installation, Purple, offers meaningful dialogues about climate change.