Aesthetica Artists’ Directory: Current Artists’ Profiles

The Aesthetica Artists’ Directory is a global network of artists engaging with the professional art world. In print, on our website and in social media we have created a forum for discussion and interactivity where artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and enthusiasts can meet and discover art from around the world.

A moving, curated platform of those shaping the industry today, each Directory runs concurrently in our bi-monthly magazine, including print and combined digital profiles that offer a gateway to boundary-pushing practices and innovative modes of thought.

Below is a selection from the current issue; to view the artist’s full profile, click their name.

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A. K. Nicholas

A. K. Nicholas is an American artist who works exclusively with the female form. His photographs mix elements of sensuality with classic art, theatricality and performance.

Alessandro Ceccarelli

The work of London-based photographer Alessandro Ceccarelli is inspired by his graphic design studies in Florence and the work of photo reporters.

Amy Hughes

Amy Hughes is an award-winning painter based in New York. She has exhibited widely – most recently an exhibition at the International Art Museum of America, San Francisco.

Antti Eklund

Finland-based artist Antti Eklund paints to highlight happiness. His aim is to create hopeful works that illuminate injustice and expose abuses of power.

Axel Schmidt

Axel Schmidt's Colors project is a exploration of, and commitment to, an ecocritical philosophy of nature and its myriad connections to art, science and education.

Cecilia Martinez

Cecilia Martinez is an award-winning American artist from Jersey City. She has exhibited in galleries throughout the country, and her work is regularly published in magazines and journals.

Clare Marie Bailey

Photographer and filmmaker Clare Marie Bailey is based in Wales. She uses self-portraiture to explore a variety of female characters via the staging of images – revealing cinematic and dreamlike narratives.

Diane Weber-Seban

Diane Weber-Seban is a French artist who utilises analogue cinema as well as photography to magnify everyday moments; attention to detail and the beauty of light are key pillars.

Helen Blejerman

Helen Blejerman is a Mexican artist based in the UK. She investigates the nature of burials and the spiritual aspect of femicide survivors, as can be seen in the series The Prayer.

Huseyin Guler

Istanbul-based artist Huseyin Guler examines social memory and new ways of storytelling. The Terkos project is shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society’s IPE 164.

Iliya Fonlamov Francisković

Serbia-born Iliya Fonlamov Francisković is a figurative painter inspired by the belief that human beings and the world in which we live are the most beautiful creations.

Ilona Kacieja

Scotland-based Ilona Kacieja is a an award-winning multidisciplinary artist whose approach is inspired by eco-awareness, community wellbeing and social justice.

Janny Ji

Janny Ji is an award-winning designer with a background in graphic design, illustration and fine art. Her practice includes brand identity, exhibition design and editorial design.

John Cutting

UK-based artist John Cutting uses found and salvaged objects and materials to create three-dimensional art that challenges prejudice and inequality, as well as perceptions.


Born in Shanghai and raised in California, Chinese-American installation artist jujuwang uses art to “seek for meanings of my existence.”

Julie A. Daniels

UK-based artist Julie A. Daniels has a background in textile design which informs her mixed media practice. She meticulously creates innovative, refined works inspired by emotion and coastal locations.

Marilyn Borglum

USA-based Marilyn Borglum's works, which range from representative portraiture to crude surreal environments, are heavily reliant on metaphoric symbolism and memory.

Noemi Daboczi

Noemi Daboczi is based in London. She works across theatre and opera design, film production design and art photography, with each creative process informing the others.

Olena Zubach

Olena Zubach is an award-winning fine art photographer from Kyiv; she is currently based in Split. She explores the possibilities of still life, as seen in the Watercolors series.

Olga Baron

Olga Baron is an art and fashion photographer. She creates images about dreams and fairy tales, exploring connections and places between reality and beyond.

Olga Lomaka

Olga Lomaka views her work through the prism of pop art. Primary features include a play with recognisable images and products of consumerism – pooling contrasting beliefs.

Paul Critchley

UK-based glass artist Paul Critchley established Sculptglass in the heart of the Isle of Wight. He works with a talented team of sculptors to design and create a range of gallery art.

Piotr Szulkowski

Piotr Szulkowski is an award-winning Polish artist. His flora and fauna prints invite the viewer to explore the nature and convey humanity's speed, strength and precision.

Rich DiSilvio

Rich DiSilvio is a New York-born artist and photographer. His aim is to “focus on the imagination, something unique only to humans.” Oils and acrylics are combined with digital art.

Ryu Jiyeon

Ryu Jiyeon is London-based artist; she uses painting to explore a sense of absence. Bright colours merge with dreamlike depictions of people and nature.

Sabrina V.V.

Sabrina V.V. is a USA-born Mexican artist based in Mexico City, where she studied Industrial Design at UIA. Her art practice evolved from a focus…

Sara Campaci

Italian artist Sara Campaci's work has been exhibited throughout Europe. Based in Berlin, she explores new possibilities and techniques in collage and photography.

Tianxing Xu

Tianxing Xu is a visual artist born in Shanghai and studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He creates clean and soft works, with an aim to construct chaos with order.

Till Rückwart

Berlin-based Till Rückwart studies the power of errors in the representation of satellite imagery; photographs of glitches in landscapes facilitates the exploration of new ways of thinking.

Toni Mayner

Toni Mayner uses the medium of jewellery to examine the human conditions of love and loss through autobiographical, historical and phenomenological lens.

Viktoria Ganhao

Viktoria Ganhao is a Ukraine-born abstract artist based in Portugal. Countless details, imperceptible at first glance, abound in her multi-layered paintings.

Zijia Lin

Zijia Lin is a Chinese artist based in London and studying for an MA at Chelsea College of Arts. He uses sculpture to ask: "What sorts of factors affect our environment?"