Personalising the political

Collapsing ideologies are collaboratively explored in European theatre – Mark Ravenhill and Ramin Gray’s production of Over There personalises the political.

Some Interesting Lyrics

The intricacies of papal history are not a conventional motivation for writing pop songs. With High Slang, Sergeant Buzfuz pulls this off to dazzling effect.

Bittersweet Whistling

Years of classical training and a life-long devotion to honing his craft have left Andrew Bird well equipped for his eighth studio album Noble Beast.

A Certain Romance

Official Secrets Act is setting the standard for contemporary British indie, and what’s more startling, they have yet to release their debut album.

Finding Love in Unexpected Places

Moscow, Belgium is the uplifting debut feature film from director, Christophe Van Rompaey, who tells a universal story of finding love when you least expect it.

Combining the Classic With the Cutting Edge

Bradford Film Festival revisits the classics while keeping its content fresh and up-to-date in the facilities of the National Media Museum.

A Retrospective of “The Quiet Man of the YBAs”

Showcasing works from the late Angus Fairhurst, Arnolfini draws attention to the range and melancholy of this often overlooked Young British Artist.

The End of Postmodernism

The curator of the fourth Tate Triennial, Nicolas Bourriaud introduces a new term “Altermodern” in response to the increasingly global context we live in.

Releasing Forces Within the Human Psyche

Roger Ballen employs 50 years of photographic experience to understand how a photograph affects the human psyche in his latest book, Boarding House.

Chinese Contemporary Art Beyond the Global Market

China China China!!! features 18 contemporary Chinese artists whose work is unconstrained by the recently increased demand for Chinese art.

Gemme Weekes

In conversation with Gemme Weekes.

Journeying through an epidemic

Three Letter Plague is Jonny Steinberg’s enthralling investigation into HIV and AIDS in South Africa, discovering why the AIDS epidemic will proliferate.

The personal & the universal

Mark Doty follows the success of his 2007 New York Times bestselling memoir, Dog Years, with a superb new collection of poetry, Theories and Apparitions.

The Hounding of David Oluwale

The Hounding of David Oluwale is the emotional new play from Eclipse Theatre, investigating the life, tragic death and search for justice for David Oluwale.

The art of Climbing Mountains

School of Seven Bells’ stunning debut album, Alpinisms is a beautiful fusion of different styles combined with Alejandra and Claudia’s haunting vocal harmonies.

In the Name of Surrealism

For a group of young art graduates interested in “music and surrealism”, The Je Suis Animal collective remain refreshingly unpretentious.

My Usual Confounding Self

Lambchop’s latest album showcases an artist becoming more comfortable in his own efforts while embracing the band’s trademark youthful playfulness.

Contrasts and Adaptations

From sporadic appearances with the likes of Current 93 to his forays into outdoor recording and junk percussion, Keith Wood is always changing and adapting.

Independent cinemas in the 21st century

Independent cinemas are offering a fresh alternative to the staid multiplex environment. Aesthetica explores the varied pastimes on offer around the UK.

Evolving the Cinematic Frontier

Sundance is keen to explore new ideas, and this year their New Frontier on Main programme illustrates their commitment to new territories through film.

The new contemporary art season

In Winter 2008, the Royal Academy of Arts opened its doors to challenging and exciting works of art, that question not only the conceptual, but the theoretical.

Gender & Identity: Samoa’s Narratives

Shigeyuki Kihara: Living Photographs explores themes of Pacific culture, identity, colonialism, stereotypes and gender roles.

Theatrical, Immersive and Voyeuristic

The exploration of immersive art is celebrated in Modern Art Oxford’s multimedia installations from Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.

The 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

A look through the lens: 10 Magnum Photographers’ work goes on display at the Magnum Print Room, which looks at Cuba over the past 50 years.

Journeys, enthralling narratives and recent success

The Outcast is refreshing and captivating, proving that Jones is an astonishing new voice on the literary scene, and a publishing sensation.

Theatre against genocide

Mashirika theatre company is helping Rwandan communities to unite and international audiences to understand the 1994 genocide through Africa’s Hope.

Painting with Sound

Saint Dymphna is not easily classifiable, a jarring fusion of electro, 80s techno, African guitar and tribal beats. “We call it Gang Gang. We do our own thing.”

Music, Art & the Individual

With her striking debut solo album, Laukinis Šuo Dingo released, Alina Orlova is set to make a lasting impression on music fans worldwide.

Growth & Collective Inspirations

As the founding member of Gregory and the Hawk, Meredith Godreau is no stranger to self-promotion and the wonders of 21st century marketing.

A Unique Take on Modern Pop Music

It’s been a long time since a really cool band has come along that introduces a sound that opens up new possibilities. Fujiya & Miyagi is a wave of joy.

Leeds International Film Festival

Leeds International Film Festival is the largest annual film festival outside of London and it brings the world of film out of the traditional setting of a cinema.

Universality and Specificity in African filmmaking

Gaston Kabore, one of Africa’s premier filmmakers, talks about African cinema, and the politics of representation.

Blending calligraphy with contemporary painting

Expanding the form of calligraphy and blending it with contemporary painting, Golnaz Fathi’s renowned style has led to international acclaim.

A Marriage of Man & Nature

A new large–scale outdoor installation project at Attingham Park that looks at the fragile relationship between the environment and Man.

Kounter Kulture

The latest art fair to hit the London circuit in 2008, calling in to question the nature of art fairs and redefining standard practice.

The Pagan Ceremony of a People Abandoned by Gods

A man with several ideas, Roberto Cuoghi has many personalities. His opening show at ICA in Autumn 2008 pushes the boundaries of sound, art and installation.

Deadpan Humour, Conceptual Art and a Rat

David Shrigley, the man with all the ideas. His work excites, but also outrages, provokes and evokes. David Shrigley is something of an enigma.

Untold Stories, Contrasting Worlds & Dreams

At the age of 17, Faïza Guène wrote her first novel and sold over 360,000 copies. Now, with the release of her second novel, all eyes are on this creative prodigy.

Exploring Controversy & Exposing Reality

Irvine Welsh tackles controversy to explore the darker side of humanity. In his latest novel, Crime, he exposes the human impact of child abuse.

Experimental Theatre: Provoking Ideas

Forced Entertainment is a dynamic ensemble of six artists based in Sheffield, who create original work that challenges and subverts notions of urban life.

Raucous Sea-faring Anthems and Constant Collaboration

We caught up with Port O’Brien’s lead singer, Van, enjoying his first summer away from commercial fishing in Alaska to chat about life in the burgeoning band.

No Ordinary Pair of Jeans

Workout Holiday explores a wide variety of musical genres; crossing boundaries and creating what White Denim refer to simply as “sound collage.”

Transcending Genres, Maintaining Momentum

As their peers began to drift off to college, founding members, Raphael Mura, Marion Andrau and JB Ganivet collaborated, with ambitions for stardom.

Honesty and Intimacy

Liejacker, Gilmore’s latest release, is a critique of the music industry, “that last bastion of misogyny”, and its various corruptions.

Motiroti 360

Multiple identities, nationality, home and boundaries — the interface between where we come from, who we are, and where we go.

The Nostalgic, the Poignant and the Macabre

A docu-fantasia, which serves to question the legitimacy of our memories, combines with an impressive retrospective on the world’s coldest city.

Personal Dreams and Social Aspirations

Catherine Yass’s latest exhibition amalgamates social ideals with the awe-inspiring precision of high-wire artist, Didier Pasquette.

Reality Is What You Make It

‘A’ to ‘Z’ Project, at BALTIC, is the latest exhibition from Japanese artist, Yoshitomo Nara, and creative design team, graf.

Pop Art & Mass Culture

Mashups features five of the UK’s most exciting artists, offering an intriguing insight into how a new generation is making sense of mass culture.

Games Theory & Art

Games and Theory explores the radical potential of play as a form of resistance and expression of freedom, examining emotional interaction between people.